Biden’s Climate Obsession: Ignores Nukes, Dooms America

The Biden Administration continues to prioritize climate change over national security, with spokesperson John Kirby reinforcing the claim that it is a greater threat to Americans than nuclear war. This is absurd! While global nuclear tensions are on the rise, the Biden administration seems more concerned about the temperature rising a few degrees.

During a recent interview on Fox News, President Biden’s previous statement claiming that global warming is the only existential threat humanity faces, even more frightening than a nuclear war, was played. Can you believe it? The leader of the free world genuinely believes that climate change is scarier than the thought of nuclear annihilation.

When asked about President Biden’s comments, John Kirby didn’t hesitate to confirm that the President still stands by them. He actually had the audacity to claim that climate change is a threat capable of wiping out all human life on earth over time. Really, Mr. Kirby? Are you trying to tell us that a few extra rain showers are more dangerous than the immediate devastation happening in the Middle East?

Speaking of which, let’s talk about what’s actually happening in the world. While the Biden Administration is fixated on the climate, Israel has been under constant attack from Hamas, with airstrikes on the Gaza Strip for three straight days. The situation is so dire that Israel has even declared a “total” blockade. The death count has already reached over 1,500 innocent people. But sure, let’s keep talking about carbon emissions.

It’s clear that the Biden Administration is more interested in virtue signaling than addressing the immediate threats faced by Americans. While nuclear tensions escalate globally and innocent lives are lost, they choose to focus on an issue that has been exaggerated and overhyped by the left. It’s time for real leadership that prioritizes true national security, not imaginary doomsday scenarios.

Written by Staff Reports

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