Biden’s ‘Flying Dutchman’ Policy Unleashes Iranian Chaos, Claims Trump’s Advisor

According to Robert Greenway, the director of Iranian policy for President Donald J. Trump’s National Security Council staff, President Joe Biden’s foreign policy has turned the U.S. into a “ghost ship” with a confused crew. Greenway explained that after the Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden’s handlers took control of his schedule and decision-making, leaving him disconnected from the foreign policy decisions. This has led to chaos and a lack of a consistent policy or goals.

Greenway specifically criticized White House Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa Brett McGurk, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for their handling of foreign policy. He described McGurk as having a “horrific” track record and questioned the decision-making abilities of Sullivan and Blinken.

Greenway also commented on the recent Hamas attacks on Israel, blaming the lack of consistent policy and disconnected leadership for the worsening situation. He warned that difficult decisions need to be made to reverse course, but that the current administration is failing to take action.

In addition to his criticisms of Biden’s foreign policy, Greenway discussed the economic impact on Iran. He claimed that the Trump administration successfully cut off Iran’s oil sales, severely limiting their resources for military growth and funding of proxies. However, the Biden team has undone this progress by not enforcing sanctions and allowing Iran to recover economically.

Greenway concluded by criticizing the Biden administration’s approach to both Iran and the Palestinians, saying that their assumptions and ideas are flawed and based on incorrect information. He argued that strengthening Iran and the Palestinians without proper consideration for their true intentions is a dangerous game that could lead to more conflict in the Middle East.

Overall, Greenway’s comments highlight the concerns about the Biden administration’s foreign policy approach and its potential impact on national security and stability in the region.

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