Biden’s DHS Secretary Can’t Define “Assault Weapons”

On Tuesday, the Republicans had quite the exchange with Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, reminding us all of his incompetence. Even Sen. John Kennedy from Louisiana had to school Mayorkas in a very worrisome exchange. Kennedy asked Mayorkas if he agreed with Joe Biden’s intention to ban private ownership of assault weapons in America. To which Mayorkas responded, “Senator, I do.” However, when Kennedy asked Mayorkas to define an assault weapon, all Mayorkas could provide was an example – an AK-47. Not satisfied with this response, Kennedy asked him for a definition, to which Mayorkas had literally nothing to offer.

Mayorkas seemed confident that listing the AK-47 as an example was a satisfactory response to Kennedy’s question. Kennedy tried to redirect him back to the real issue and asked if there were any other weapons besides an AK-47 that he would ban. Mayorkas deflected by claiming that he worked with law enforcement officers who supported such a ban.

Kennedy reminded Mayorkas that senators get frustrated as he won’t give a straight answer. Mayorkas seems to believe that listing the AK-47 as an example was a definition. He even went as far as doubling down on it. For claiming to be so “confident,” Mayorkas had little to offer.

We have grown accustomed to hearing Democrats, including and especially from those in the Biden administration, that we need to ban so-called assault weapons. Biden himself politicized the tragedy on Monday after he joked about ice cream. While speaking in Durham, North Carolina, Biden brought up his priority of gun control and the ban on certain weapons, including when it comes to the AR-15.

Biden claimed to be speaking about such a ban as “a commonsense issue” rather than one about partisanship. He demanded that Congress go along with his legislative priorities. “What in God’s name does anyone need that for in America?” he asked. After such passionate remarks, Biden pointed out that he was going to “speak to what I came to talk about.”

Although Biden claimed to be “a Second Amendment guy,” he repeated the chilling warning he’s been making for years, claiming such a right to bear arms is “not absolute.” We must not forget that Biden and his Democrats are constantly trying to take away our right to bear arms, and they will not stop until they have succeeded.

Written by Staff Reports

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