2024 Elections Threatened by AI Tools, Deep Fake Fear Lurks

Democrats and Republicans are ramping up their AI technology arms race ahead of the 2024 elections. According to The New York Times, both parties are racing to develop AI technology that allows them to carry out basic functions, such as advertising and voter behavior analysis, which were previously accomplished by legions of interns. This news has sparked fears over the potential spread of disinformation, as deep fakes become all the more prevalent across the internet.

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign manager and founder of an AI technology-focused digital company, Brad Parscale, believes AI will have a significant impact on the 2024 elections due to machine learning’s predictive ability. However, chief strategist for Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign and current digital consultant, Joe Rospars, has warned that AI could be used for nefarious purposes faster than it can improve civic life.

Despite the concerns, the use of AI technology is expected to draft emails and texts for fundraising solicitations – the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has already run successful tests using AI-generated messages. The DNC’s approach has been far more effective than any human-written copy, according to three sources cited by The New York Times.

However, some political strategists are concerned that AI chatbots could be misused, wasting campaign staffers’ time if people misrepresent themselves as voters. The idea of producing personalised deep fake messages to promote candidates, such as thank you messages to donors, is also being considered.

Finally, some consultants are worried that AI could be weaponized in 2024 by sending direct voice messages to voters the day before an election. But it is important to remember that AI has already yielded benefits in election campaigns, with President Joe Biden’s team using the technology to transcribe debates and other live events, allowing them to reduce the number of interns and staffers.

Overall, while AI will continue to influence the way political campaigns operate, there are concerns over how it might become weaponized to spread disinformation. All eyes will be on politicians to ensure that the technology is used ethically, transparently, and without causing harm or confusion to the democratic process.

Written by Staff Reports

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