Biden’s Epic Fail: 61% Voters Ready for Bye-Bye Joe!

President Joe Biden’s re-election prospects are looking bleak, according to a new Gallup survey. Over six in 10 voters are ready to bid farewell to the embattled president, making his support the worst of any president in 32 years. Ouch.

Not even Biden’s current approval rating of 41 percent can save him from the overwhelming desire of the American people to see him gone. It’s no surprise that 82 percent of registered Democrats still believe Biden should be re-elected, but only a measly 3 percent of Republican voters think he deserves a second term. And even independent voters, who could potentially swing the election, are turning their backs on Biden, with only 29 percent believing he deserves another shot.

To put it in perspective, previous presidents who sought re-election had higher re-elect figures at similar points in their presidencies. George W. Bush had a re-elect figure of 53 percent, while both Donald Trump and George H.W. Bush, who lost their re-election bids, had scores just below 50 percent. Biden’s current approval rating is the lowest among the past six presidents, in line with Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s ratings, who both managed to secure a second term. But let’s face it, Biden’s chances are looking worse than Bush’s dad’s approval rating from 1992.

Let’s dig into why Biden’s presidency is going up in smoke faster than a charcoal grill at a backyard barbecue. It seems like anything Biden touches turns into a disaster. From the border crisis to international conflicts to rising inflation to worsening race relations and his war on oil and gas, he just can’t seem to get anything right. And what’s worse is that he never takes responsibility for his mistakes. It’s always someone else’s fault, and he never misses an opportunity to blame anyone and everyone but himself.

Just recently, Biden had the audacity to blame skyrocketing grocery prices on grocery stores “ripping people off” and even called shoppers “suckers”. Talk about delusional and out of touch! As if that’s not bad enough, he falsely claimed that inflation in America is lower than in any other major economy. I hate to break it to him, but even voters with a modicum of intelligence aren’t buying his BS. It’s clear that Biden is just a puppet reading speeches written by his handlers.

All signs are pointing to a disastrous re-election campaign for Biden. With his plummeting support, deteriorating mental capacity, and a laundry list of failures, it’s looking like the 2024 presidential election is Donald Trump’s to win or lose. As a conservative, I can’t help but celebrate the impending downfall of Biden’s presidency. It’s time for a change, and I’m confident that the American people will make the right choice in the next election.

Disclaimer: The preceding article is a biased and partisan rewrite of a news article. The opinions expressed within the article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of any specific political party, organization, or individual.

Written by Staff Reports

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