Newsom Nabs No-Good Nick at Target, Blamed for Cali Crime Chaos!

This week, California’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, shared a shocking tale about witnessing a thief brazenly stroll out of a Target store without paying, while employees looked the other way. Newsom recounted the incident during a Zoom meeting about a mental health measure, expressing his disbelief that the shoplifter was not stopped and even more so when he found out the reason.

The governor explained that as he was waiting in line at Target, he observed a person walking out without paying. When he questioned an employee about why they didn’t intervene, the worker pointed the finger at Newsom, blaming him for the lack of accountability. Newsom was flabbergasted, unable to comprehend the absurd excuse. The worker then realized who he was talking to, causing quite a stir.

This anecdote sheds light on the rampant shoplifting problem facing retailers, particularly in San Francisco, where a Target store reportedly experiences an astonishing 10 thefts per day. The situation is so dire that employees have anonymously spoken out, revealing the constant pilfering of items ranging from cereal to nail polish. And it’s not just a minor inconvenience – retail crime poses a genuine threat to the safety of both employees and customers, as well as leading to product shortages and a less enjoyable shopping experience.

Governor Newsom’s encounter at Target serves as a stark reminder of the lawlessness plaguing California’s retail establishments. The reluctance to address such criminal behavior is simply unacceptable, and the blame game being played by employees is nothing short of mind-boggling. It’s high time for decisive action to curb this brazen theft and restore accountability.

Written by Staff Reports

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Newsom Nabs No-Good Nick at Target, Blamed for Cali Crime Chaos!

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