Biden’s IRS Targets Conservative Group for Exposing Nominees: Coincidence or Vengeance?

In a surprising development, it has come to light that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) under the Biden Administration has initiated an audit into the tax-exempt status of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF). The reason behind this investigation? The AAF has dared to scrutinize President Joe Biden's nominees. It appears that shedding light on the Biden administration's choices has raised eyebrows.

According to The Daily Caller, the IRS is requesting the AAF to provide access to its internal financial records, communications, and even meeting notes, leaving no stone unturned. It's evident that the IRS is honing in on the AAF's research and education activities in an apparent attempt to muffle their conservative stance. This action is a stark example of apparent suppression.

Tom Jones, the President of AAF, has not held back his astonishment at these developments. He has highlighted the irony of the situation, as AAF had previously exposed the politicization of the IRS. Now, they find themselves under scrutiny by the IRS. Coincidence? This certainly seems like a retaliatory move by the Biden administration in response to the AAF's outspokenness.

But there's more to this story. The AAF has pointed fingers at Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, suggesting that he instigated this investigation. According to the AAF, Whitehouse encouraged the IRS to target conservative organizations like theirs. This isn't entirely surprising, given Whitehouse's track record of focusing on conservative groups. It appears that the Biden administration is heeding his call.

The IRS, naturally, denies any partisan motivations behind their investigation. Spokesman Anthony Burke maintains that audits are conducted without political bias. However, it's hard to forget the IRS targeting controversy during President Obama's tenure when conservative organizations, including Tea Party groups, were unjustly singled out. The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration confirmed that the IRS employed inappropriate criteria to identify these conservative organizations. Given this history, it's understandable that trust in the IRS's claims of impartiality is lacking.

This latest IRS investigation serves as yet another example of attempts to suppress conservative voices. AAF has been effective in scrutinizing numerous Biden nominees, and it seems the Biden administration is intent on putting an end to that. They are allegedly using the IRS as a tool to obstruct AAF's important work, constituting a clear misuse of power.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that the IRS is already grappling with controversy for destroying over 30 million documents earlier this year. This has raised significant concerns, and the Republican-led House of Representatives is rightfully demanding answers. The IRS's actions have come under heavy criticism, and they should be held accountable.

This situation is emblematic of a recurring theme during the Biden administration, where conservative voices are targeted and stifled. However, rest assured that the American Accountability Foundation remains resolute in its mission. They will persist in defending American rights and exposing what they perceive as the liberal agenda. It's high time for the Biden administration to desist from using the IRS as a political instrument and instead focus on the needs of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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