GOP Ties Ukraine Aid to Border Security, Outsmarts Dems!

Senate Republicans have put forward a proposal to address the ongoing border crisis and tie it to funding for President Biden’s supplemental request. The proposal includes stricter restrictions for asylum and parole, as well as demands for the restart of border wall construction. Republicans argue that the supplemental funding alone is insufficient to address the record number of border crossings under Biden.

Led by Senators Lindsey Graham, James Lankford, and Tom Cotton, the working group crafted the proposal based on the House Republicans’ signature border bill. The proposal serves as an opening offer in negotiations with Democrats over Ukraine funding, with Republicans looking to secure policy changes in exchange for their votes.

The blueprint focuses on limiting migrants’ ability to enter or stay in the country. It would require migrants to present themselves at a port of entry to qualify for asylum, instead of between land crossings. It also raises the standard for the “credible fear of persecution” test. Additionally, the proposal seeks to restrict humanitarian parole and create a statutory authority similar to Title 42 to suspend the entry of certain migrants if necessary.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has made it clear that serious policy changes must be agreed upon for the supplemental bill to move forward. Democrats, however, may find the proposed changes to asylum and parole difficult to accept.

The Senate GOP proposal represents a comprehensive overhaul of immigration policy and includes provisions such as overtime pay for Border Patrol agents. It seeks to reduce the administrative caseload by preventing frivolous delays and disqualifying certain crimes for asylum-seekers. The question now is how the proposal will be amended to find acceptance from House Republicans and the White House. Overall, Republicans argue that this proposal offers real solutions to fix failed border policies, rather than just throwing more money at the problem.

Written by Staff Reports

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