Biden’s Madison Misfire: Desperation Strikes as Approval Ratings Tank

President Biden’s recent jaunt to Madison, Wisconsin, reeks of desperation reminiscent of President Obama’s fumbling attempt to salvage his image after a disastrous debate performance back in 2012. Just like his predecessor, Biden was hoping to pick himself up, but it appears his trip accomplished the opposite.

Liberals were ready with their pom-poms, but even the usual cheerleaders couldn’t spin this one into a victory dance. Instead of electrifying the crowds with hope, Biden’s performance raised one eyebrow after another—and not in a good way. It’s clear he was chasing a mirage of confidence, trying to project strength while his party teeters like a house of cards.

Observers couldn’t help but notice the frailty behind the usual rhetoric. Far from being the booster shot to his sagging approval ratings, the Madison rally was more of a head-scratcher. Political commentator John Nichols from The Nation pointed out that the event raised more questions than it answered—an understatement, to be sure.

One would think the Democrats would learn from past blunders, but it appears they are bent on doubling down on failure. If Biden was expecting a second wind from this trip, he might want to hold his breath—indefinitely.

Written by Staff Reports

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