Poll Reveals 60% of Independents Trust GOP Over Biden to Tackle Inflation

Inflation is hitting Americans hard, and even the elusive independents know exactly who to trust to reel it in. In a revelation that should send shivers down the spine of President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign, a whopping 60% of these key voters believe Republicans, with a nod toward former President Donald Trump, are the ones best equipped to handle the runaway prices plaguing everyday life.

And who can blame them? When 82% of survey respondents label inflation as a “serious” problem, it’s pretty clear where the nation’s priorities lie. With Biden shoving his head in the sand and making flimsy claims about people having “money to spend,” the average American is left wondering if the President has actually visited a grocery store lately.

In yet another slap to the Biden administration, 84% echoed that inflation will be a pivotal issue when they cast their votes. Forget healthcare, forget climate change; it’s those skyrocketing prices that have a stranglehold on the American public. So much for Biden’s misguided attempt to sell his economic policies under the laughable term “Bidenomics.” Once it became clear that inflation was skyrocketing, that catchphrase turned into a ball and chain, forcing the administration to swiftly abandon it.

As it stands, Rasmussen Reports shows Republicans boasting a robust lead in voter trust to fix the inflation mess, with a margin of 53% to 37%. It’s apparent that many Americans see through Biden’s economic smokescreen and are gravitating back to the GOP for real solutions.

So, while Biden continues to downplay the crisis and boast about mythical successes, Republicans stand poised to reclaim trust and take serious action. Meanwhile, Biden’s approval ratings and credibility are sinking like a stone, bearing the weight of his administration’s failure to gauge the real American struggle.

Written by Staff Reports

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