Biden’s Memory Saves Him: Dems’ Dangerous Double Standard Exposed!

It seems that Old Joe, the man who can’t remember where he put his dentures, let alone mishandling classified documents, is now being hailed as presidential material. 

The Special Counsel’s report, led by Robert Hur, was a joke. They absolved Biden of any criminal responsibility, citing his age and faulty memory as an excuse. Apparently, being elderly and forgetful means you get a free pass when it comes to potentially compromising national security. 

They had to throw in a not-so-subtle jab at President Trump. The real question is, how do they expect to get away with treating Biden with kid gloves while going after Trump with a vengeance? The double standard is as clear as day, but the Democrats don’t seem to mind.

What’s even more outrageous is the argument they’re making for Biden’s reelection. We’re being told that a man who can barely remember his own name, let alone his time as vice president, is the best option because the “Bad Orange Man” is supposedly a threat to our precious democracy. 


Written by Staff Reports

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Biden’s Memory Saves Him: Dems’ Dangerous Double Standard Exposed!

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