Biden’s Own Words Expose His Dismal Response to China’s Growing Influence

The Biden administration has faced heavy criticism for its inaction regarding the Chinese spy balloon that traveled throughout the US before it was shot down on Saturday. This criticism was exacerbated by President Joe Biden’s refusal to address the issue during his Friday morning remarks. The Pentagon’s press conference on the subject was also considered insufficient.

The public’s worries were not alleviated by Saturday’s events and President Biden’s remarks to the press on Monday outside the White House. When a reporter asked why the Chinese wanted the situation to occur, Biden hesitated for several moments before answering with simply “they’re the Chinese,” confirming that he was referring to the Chinese government.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poses a formidable and dangerous threat and could be considered our greatest adversary. Despite President Biden’s assertions of a strong relationship with Xi Jinping, he was unable to act swiftly regarding the balloon incident, further perpetuating the idea of Biden being weak towards China.

The intention behind Biden’s response to the reporter is uncertain, leaving room to question whether he was aware of the CCP’s danger. If he was cognizant, it raises the question of why he hasn’t taken more substantial action. Biden’s recent statement at a DNC fundraiser, labeling climate change as “the most serious existential threat to humanity, surpassing even nuclear weapons,” could offer some perspective into his priorities.

Biden told a journalist that he had always planned to bring down the plane, but this was not executed until several days later, which diminished his position as the head of the armed forces. He also referred to the balloon as an insignificant danger. However, as Republican leaders like Senator Marco Rubio have warned, the Chinese now know our reaction and this perceived lack of threat could cause trouble for us in the future.

It remains to be seen how President Biden will address this issue moving forward and what actions he will take to ensure that similar situations do not arise in the future. It is clear that the American people are expecting more from their leader when it comes to protecting their safety and security.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Townhall

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