Biden’s SOTU Notes Go Viral: “Child-Like”

On Monday, President Joe Biden took to Twitter to share his State of the Union remarks in anticipation of his address to a Joint Session of Congress at the United States Capitol on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 9 PM ET. The tweet contained a photo of a folio with the word “PAUSE” written inside, prompting many reactions from Twitter users.

The photo of the folio was accompanied by a caption that read “Getting ready”, which many users found humorous. Brandon Straka commented “Was this speech delivered to you from the balloon?”, while Matthew Kolken added “Make sure you don’t read the word inside the brackets Mr. President.” Raheem J. Kassam noted “Of course you’re using a folio made in China.” JT Lewis wrote “[pause] Lol no one takes you seriously” and Louis Marinelli asked “Why doesn’t have instructions for you to breathe and blink?”

The reactions to President Biden’s tweet demonstrate the public’s anticipation for his address on Tuesday. The State of the Union is an important event in which the President of the United States provides an update on the nation’s progress and outlines their policy agenda for the coming year. This year, President Biden is expected to focus on his plans for infrastructure, education, healthcare, and immigration reform.

The State of the Union address is an opportunity for the President to connect with the American people and provide them with an update on the state of the nation. It is also a chance for citizens to engage with their leaders and express their opinions on the issues that matter most to them. As President Biden prepares to deliver his remarks, many are eager to hear what he has to say and how it will shape the future of the United States.

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