Biden’s Shocking Hot Mic Moment Caught During Florida Visit

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, was touring Florida in the wake of Hurricane Ian when he gave an interview on a "hot mic" in which he disclosed some insights into his mentality.

The president was quoted as saying, No one f*cks with a Biden.

The person from Florida who responded said, You're goddamn correct.

It is not the first time that Joe Biden has made a fool of himself by using inappropriate language while being recorded on a hot mic. Biden screamed, This is a big f*cking deal after the Democrats had somehow succeeded in passing Obamacare through the legislative process.

In the meantime, it appears that President Biden's attitude extends to the FBI, which continues to refuse to conduct a serious investigation into the Biden family in connection with extremely illegal business dealings that jeopardize national security.

On Fox News, Representative Michael Waltz provided a concise outline of the wrongdoing that has been associated with the Biden family.

On Tuesday night, the former business partner of Hunter Biden disclosed the resistance he encountered from FBI agents when he attempted to present proof that the Bidens had committed many felonies.

When asked about the motivation behind his decision to come forward, Bobulinski stated, For the benefit of our country and for national security.  At that time, Joe Biden was a candidate for the position. He is now serving as President of the United States of America, making him the most powerful person in the world's free nations. And daunting.

Therefore, at the conclusion of that five-plus hour interview, the head of station told my lawyers, Listen, an individual name named Tim Thibault is going to run points on all of this.  We are absolutely going to request Tony's presence here once more for a subsequent interview. Could happen as soon as the following week, he elaborated.

There were some individuals in the room who did not have a comprehensive understanding of all of these facts. I was willing to meet with whoever needed me to or travel wherever I wanted to, he continued. We may want to have people come in from Baltimore or Delaware, and you know, I was ready to sit down with anyone who needed me to.  So the station chief supplied my lawyers Tim Thibault's cell phone number.

The next thing he said was, Tim was not there that day.  My attorneys spoke with him for an hour and a half on the evening of Friday, October 23; I believe he was away from Washington, D.C. And then more calls over the weekend and into the following week, when I finally made it to your show to lay out the facts for the American people. In addition to that, they were going to be conducting a further interview. And Tim Thibault said the following in his most recent conversation with my legal counsel: Listen, we know Tony's cooperating.  We are grateful to him for providing us with all of this information. We will get back to you about this. We are unquestionably going to request that he come in for a subsequent interview or that he spend some additional time on this matter. And I haven't had any further communication from them since.

At all?  Tucker asked.

He responded with a No.  Neither have my attorneys, she added.

Tucker stated that there had been absolutely no communication.

No, he stated again and again.

Tucker elaborated by saying, Since before the election in 2020.

The response from Bobulinski was Correct.

Tucker remarked that they were taken aback by it.

Shocking, Bobulinski concurred. Yeah. That would be an example of one of the adjectives. Yeah.

The White House operates the United States government as if it were an extension of the Biden family's criminal enterprise. No one messes with the Bidens, one person said. Tony Soprano couldn't have expressed it any more eloquently than he did.

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