MSNBC Publishes SHOCKING Midterm Election Predictions

According to the latest surveys, Democrats are likely to experience a biblical purge in November. Wait until you see the MSNBC reporter's defeated expression.

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Biden's failure at everything he tries—or even touches—means that his placement among first-term presidents won't come as a surprise.

Caller writes every day. Steve Kornacki, a political analyst for MSNBC, explained on Tuesday how President Joe Biden's support rating could result in disastrous election outcomes for Democrats.

It's amusing to observe that Donald Trump had greater popularity ratings than Biden does right now, a fact that MSNBC refused to acknowledge even though it was clearly visible to him on the screen.

Look at this forecast for 2022 from the Republican senators.

Republican candidates will prevail in both the House and the Senate in the next midterm elections, predicts Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

Republicans have lost ground, according to the liberal media narrative, but Cotton, to his credit, refuses to accept this. He therefore anticipated that although there would be close races, Republicans would win.

The only way for Republicans to win the November election, despite all the polls in the world, is for you to cast your ballot. Bring your pals, find out whether your neighbours cast ballots. Have a party on election night, buy some food, and make sure everyone votes. This will encourage more people to turn out. Voter participation is the only way to put our nation back on track. Keep in mind that the red wave won't happen without you. Get moving! Godspeed to the USA.

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