Bombshell Report Exposes Kabul Attack Cover-Up: U.S. Had Chances to Stop ISIS-K

It’s been nearly two long years since an ISIS-K suicide bomber rocked the Kabul Airport, senselessly taking the lives of 13 brave service members and leaving countless others wounded. And yet, despite the passage of time, the Pentagon is stubbornly clinging to the narrative that this horrific attack was somehow “not preventable.” Well, hold onto your hats, folks, because a bombshell report has just been released that blows that flimsy excuse out of the water.

According to a new book by Jerry Dunleavy and James Hasson, appropriately titled ‘Kabul: The Untold Story of Biden’s Fiasco and the American Warriors Who Fought to the End,’ U.S. military commanders were not only aware of the impending threat, but they actually had not one, but two golden opportunities to eliminate the despicable terrorist network responsible for the attack. Can you believe it?

These explosive findings, obtained through freedom of information requests, Pentagon documents, and interviews with military personnel involved in the attack, are bound to make your blood boil. The authors reveal that a full nine days before the tragedy unfolded, U.S. officials had gathered intelligence indicating that ISIS-K was planning to strike at the airport. Let that sink in for a moment. They knew, and yet they did nothing.

In fact, the Pentagon’s own bombing report contained a sworn statement from an officer with the power to conduct strikes defending American forces, stating that “Intelligence indicated that I.S.I.S.-K planned to attack international forces and the Taliban in order to disrupt the ‘establishment of stability and governance.'” So, what did our fearless leaders do with this valuable information? Brace yourselves because this is where it gets truly infuriating.

Instead of taking decisive action, Rear Admiral Peter Vasly, commander U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Forward, and Major General Chris Donahue decided to roll the dice and ask the Taliban to handle the situation. Yes, you heard that right. They turned to the very same group that harbored and supported these terrorists, hoping that they would miraculously swoop in and save the day. Unsurprisingly, the Taliban failed to lift a finger against ISIS-K, leaving the suicide bomber free to wreak havoc on innocent lives at the airport.

Now, if you think this couldn’t get any worse, brace yourself because it does. The Pentagon has shamelessly claimed that the Taliban had no knowledge of the impending attack and that American intelligence was vague at best. But the book’s authors refute these assertions, backing it up with the sworn testimony of the officer who warned of the imminent danger. It’s clear as day that our military commanders were more concerned with not upsetting the Taliban than with protecting our own forces.

What this boils down to, folks, is a complete failure of leadership. The mistakes made by those in Washington throughout the withdrawal process were catastrophic, and every one of their blunders needlessly exposed our brave men and women on the ground to increased risks. The lives lost that day at the Kabul Airport are a direct result of the poor decisions made by our so-called leaders. It’s time for the American people to demand accountability and hold those responsible for this fiasco to the highest standards.

In conclusion, the notion that this attack was “not preventable” is nothing short of a slap in the face to the fallen heroes and their grieving families. It’s clear that the failure lies squarely on the shoulders of U.S. leadership, who consistently placed the desires of the Taliban above the well-being and safety of our own troops. It’s a dark and tragic chapter in our nation’s history, one that highlights the urgent need for strong, decisive, and unwavering leadership in times of crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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