Trump Trial Rush: Dems Desperate to Thwart 2024 Bid?

In a stunning turn of events, Special Counsel Jack Smith is eagerly pushing forward to put former President Donald Trump on trial in January for his alleged actions after the 2020 election. But hold on just a minute, critics are crying foul, claiming that Smith’s entire case is as thin as a twig.

According to Trump’s lawyer, this rush to trial is completely unprecedented. They said, “In all my years of practicing law, I’ve never seen a case like this go to trial before two or three years.” It seems like Smith is in such a hurry to prove a point that he’s willing to trample all over the Constitution in the process.

Of course, the mainstream media is all too eager to side with Smith and his cronies. CBS News quoted a brief filed by the prosecution, arguing that a speedy trial in January would satisfy the public’s interest. Well, forgive us for not being convinced. It’s clear that Smith and his team are just playing political games to interfere with the upcoming election. They’re terrified of President Trump’s popularity and will stop at nothing to take him down.

Trump’s legal team is not backing down without a fight. They plan to file several motions, including a request to move the trial venue from Washington, D.C. to West Virginia. And can you blame them? The nation’s capital is a hotbed of liberal bias and anti-Trump sentiment. A change of scenery might just give the former president a fair shake.

But the real kicker here is that Trump’s lawyer is confident he can get the case dismissed altogether. He called Smith’s indictment a “Swiss cheese” filled with holes. And he’s not wrong. This whole charade is a blatant attack on the First Amendment. Trump’s post-election statements were nothing more than protected political speech. Yet Smith conveniently ignores Trump’s call for peace on January 6th, conveniently omitting it from his so-called evidence.

Former Assistant United States Attorney Andrew C. McCarthy sees right through Smith’s agenda as well. He wrote an op-ed piece stating that Smith plans to try Trump for the Capitol riot, despite not even charging him for it. It’s clear that Smith is grasping at straws to try and bring down a president who dared to challenge the establishment.

In the end, this rush to judgment will only expose the lengths Democrats are willing to go to silence their opposition. This case is nothing more than a desperate attempt to discredit Trump and his supporters. But mark our words, the truth will prevail, and those who seek to undermine our democracy will be exposed for the hypocrites they are.

Written by Staff Reports

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