BREAKING: MTG Demands FULL Client List From Jeffrey Epstein

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Republican Congresswoman from Georgia, is taking a stand for truth and transparency. In an interview with Benny Johnson, Greene called for the establishment of a special committee to investigate the connections between infamous predator Jeffrey Epstein, public officials, and government intelligence agencies.

Greene made clear that Americans deserve to know the truth about Epstein’s network of influential contacts. “The things that went on at his very famous island need to be revealed,” Greene stated. She called for the full client list to be completely revealed, and questioned the frequent visits to Epstein’s island by former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton.

This comes as Epstein, who allegedly blackmailed tech mogul Bill Gates over alleged affairs, and his extensive network of connections, including meetings with prominent political figures and celebrities, are back in the headlines. Epstein’s calendar even suggested he had meetings with the current CIA director and former White House counsel. These details, along with Epstein’s alleged claims of working for multiple governments and his involvement in illegal activities, have fueled speculations that Epstein may have been a spy or a blackmail agent.

Greene’s call to action echoes a growing demand among the American public for a comprehensive investigation into Epstein’s dealings. “Americans deserve to know and they need to stop hiding the information,” she stressed. “There’s a lot that Americans deserve to know.”

Greene has pledged to work diligently to make her call for a full investigation into Epstein’s connections a reality. And she’s not alone in her call for transparency and accountability. The American people deserve to know the truth about Epstein’s network and any potential government involvement.

Source: Trending Politics

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