Bungled Strikes? IRGC Outsmarts White House in Airstrike Alert

On Friday, NBC News National Security Correspondent Dan De Luce suggested that Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had ample time to hide and relocate resources due to the White House’s prior announcement of the strikes. He noted that the impact of the strikes on Iran’s actions remains uncertain and there may be more strikes to come. De Luce also expressed concern that Iran may not be deterred and could continue to engage in provocative behavior through its proxy network, putting pressure on the U.S. and causing problems in the international community.

Furthermore, De Luce raised questions about the effectiveness of the strikes, stating that the IRGC had several days to prepare and anticipate the airstrikes. He implied that Iran would not have been surprised by the targets. He also highlighted the potential for future strikes against Houthi forces in Yemen, indicating that this could be the next stage of the action against Iran’s allies.

The comments made by De Luce reflect a skeptical viewpoint regarding the impact of the strikes on Iran’s behavior and the effectiveness of the White House’s approach. The underlying tone suggests a belief that Iran’s actions may continue unabated, leading to further challenges for the U.S. and the global economy.

Written by Staff Reports

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