Cancel Mob Comes For Donald Trump Jr. After CPAC Comments

Donald Trump Jr. recently came under fire for his comments about Pennsylvania Democratic Sen. Jon Fetterman, who is currently receiving treatment for depression and had previously suffered a stroke. In a clip tweeted out by an anti-Trump journalist, Trump Jr. could be heard saying, “Pennsylvania managed to elect a vegetable. I’d love for John Fetterman to have good gainful employment.” While Democrats were quick to criticize the remark, even some conservatives expressed outrage, with National Review contributor Wesley J. Smith comparing it to using the N-word.

It is disheartening to witness the left-leaning media and their Democratic Party associates eagerly joining in on criticizing Donald Trump Jr. for his remarks regarding Pennsylvania Senator Jon Fetterman. The left seems determined to depict Trump Jr. as a heartless individual, despite the fact that his remarks were taken out of context and were not intended to be harmful.

The fact of the matter is that Fetterman has been dealing with serious health issues, including depression and a stroke, and Trump Jr. was merely expressing his concern for the Senator’s well-being. It is understandable why some people may have been offended by his choice of words, but it is important to remember that he was not trying to be cruel or insensitive.

Furthermore, it is absurd that National Review contributor Wesley J. Smith would compare Trump Jr.’s comment to using the N-word. This comparison is completely unwarranted and serves only to further politicize an already sensitive issue. It is clear that Smith was simply trying to score political points by making such an outrageous comparison, and it is shameful that he would stoop so low in order to do so.

Ultimately, the remarks made by Donald Trump Jr. regarding Jon Fetterman were not intended to be hurtful or unsympathetic, and it is unjust for the left-leaning media and their associates in the Democratic Party to vilify him. Instead, we should all be hoping for Fetterman’s swift recovery and access to the support he requires, rather than engaging in petty political arguments.

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