Russel Brand CRUSHES Leftist Network For Fake News Coverage

Since the 2016 election, it is widely known that the mainstream media has shown bias against the Trump administration and its supporters. Among the media outlets accused of such bias, MSNBC stands out as it has been alleged to be a tool for investment firms such as BlackRock and Vanguard. Russell Brand, a comedian, actor, and podcast host, recently criticized MSNBC analyst John Heilemann for being “disingenuous” and arguing that the prejudices evident on Fox News are distinct from those evident on MSNBC.

Brand further commented that his personal experience of appearing on MSNBC was that it was full of “propaganda” and “nonsense.” This is to be expected, considering the network’s track record of making statements that single out Trump supporters. For instance, in July 2018, Heilemann appeared on MSNBC and referred to individuals who doubted the allegations that former President Donald Trump was colluding with Russian President Vladimir Putin as “impaired” or “moronic.”

MSNBC regularly amplified accusations that the 2016 Trump campaign had collaborated with the Russian government to triumph over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The channel’s hosts regularly referred to a dossier written by Christopher Steele, which has subsequently been debunked. In the aftermath of the Mueller report’s publication, a segment on “All In With Chris Hayes” contended that the report undermined practically everything in the dossier, while Joy Reid, the host, insinuated that the report seemed like the beginnings of a cover-up.

It is evident that MSNBC has been promoting a narrative that is not only biased but also inaccurate. The channel has recruited individuals such as Andrew Weissmann and Peter Strzok, both of whom have been accused of errors that have cast doubt on the entire network. This reinforces the notion that MSNBC cannot be relied upon as a trustworthy source of news and information, and should not be endorsed by conservatives or anyone who values impartial journalism.

The mainstream media has been biased against conservatives for years, but it seems that MSNBC has taken it to a whole new level. The network has pushed false narratives and hired individuals who have been accused of missteps that have called into question the entire organization. It is time for conservatives to stand up to this kind of biased reporting and demand more accurate and honest news coverage from all outlets.

Written by Staff Reports

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