Chaos in Chicago: Police Stations Transformed into Migrant Shelters

With the Biden Administration’s open borders policy, the number of illegal immigrants pouring into the United States has reached staggering new heights. One particularly dire consequence of this influx of migrants has emerged in Chicago, where police stations have been converted into homeless shelters for the processed and released migrants who have made their way to the city.

Images of the squalor that these migrants are being forced to endure were shared on social media, revealing crowded lobbies filled with people sleeping on the ground. While the officers of the Chicago Police Department are undoubtedly sympathetic to the plight of these migrants, they know that housing them inside police stations is not a long-term solution.

Sadly, this is just the latest problem facing the city of Chicago as it struggles to cope with the ongoing border crisis. In fact, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, recently sent a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, begging him to stop sending any more migrants to her city because of the strain it is putting on resources.

Governor Abbott, for his part, pointed out that the only way to truly solve this issue is for President Biden to reverse his dangerous open borders agenda. The current situation, he noted, has left both Chicago and Texas stretched thin trying to deal with the influx of people pouring across the southern border.

One can only hope that President Biden will listen to the voices of reason and prioritize the safety and security of American citizens over the demands of illegal immigrants and far-left activists. Until he does, however, it appears that cities like Chicago will continue to bear the brunt of this crisis and be forced to find makeshift solutions to the growing problem of unchecked immigration.

Written by Staff Reports

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