Hunter Biden’s new lawyer causes headaches for White House

Another day, another Biden family fiasco. It seems that Hunter Biden has caused some headaches for the White House and it’s all because of his new star lawyer, Abbe Lowell. Hunter, the son of President Joe Biden, hired Lowell to intensify his legal battles, which include child support, Republican investigations, and a possible gun charge. But here’s the kicker: Lowell’s approach is more aggressive than what the White House wants, and the president’s own lawyer recommended a different lawyer to handle investigations from the GOP.

Now, Hunter’s lawyers are entertaining the idea of hiring ethics advisers to establish a legal defense fund. This move has reportedly worried top Democrats since the first son’s past dealings involve foreign business deals and money. Anthony Coley, a former Department of Justice spokesman, stated this fund must be very transparent and restrictive to prevent foreign interference. Otherwise, it will become a legitimate headache for the White House.

Meanwhile, Hunter appeared in court for his paternity-related hearing as his legal team argued that he did not have the funds to continue paying $20,000 monthly child support payments to his former lover, Lunden Roberts. Roberts’ team argued that Hunter is using “some of the most expensive lawyers on earth” like Abbe Lowell. Apparently, Lowell charges $855 per billable hour.

It’s no surprise that Hunter is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, especially after his very questionable foreign business dealings. It’s also interesting how he can’t seem to keep himself out of legal troubles. One thing is for sure, the Biden family is always in chaos, and it’s only a matter of time before it spills over to the White House.

Written by Staff Reports

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