China’s infiltration of U.S. state and local leaders exposed in shocking report

The evidence is mounting that China is employing espionage and influence campaigns to infiltrate and interfere with American affairs. China has managed to penetrate our institutions, ranging from local government leaders to the highest levels of the federal government, in its efforts to gain control of our nation. The Chinese Communist Party has demonstrated great proficiency in using the "using the local to surround the central" approach to infiltrate state and local leaders throughout the United States.

A recent report from the Associated Press brought to light China's efforts to cultivate American state and local leaders, which included their focus on an elementary school in Utah. The students in the fourth grade were asked to write letters to Chinese Communist leader Xi Jinping, and in response, he sent a letter to them in 2020. The Chinese embassy and the students' Chinese teacher coordinated this exchange, which resulted in the students' letters containing exceedingly positive remarks.

The Utah Republican establishment went as far as to laud the Chinese leader and acted as a spokesperson for the Chinese Communist Party by promoting their preferred narratives. What's even more alarming is that Utah lawmakers postponed taking action for a whole year to prohibit Confucius Institutes at state universities that were funded by China, which have been identified as propaganda channels. National security officials in the U.S. have referred to the Chinese language and cultural programs as such. The University of Utah and Southern Utah University eventually shut down their institutes with reluctance by last year.

China's infiltration into the U.S. government goes far beyond the aforementioned incidents and extends to all levels. The National Counterintelligence and Security Center has alerted state and local officials about China's "deceptive and coercive" tactics for exerting influence. FBI Director Christopher Wray has accused China of attempting to groom talent early on, often targeting state and local officials, so that politicians across all levels of government are prepared to respond and support Beijing's agenda.

China's military activities in the Taiwan Strait have become increasingly bold, which is a clear provocation to the United States. The Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy recently dispatched 70 warplanes, such as fighter jets, reconnaissance planes, and refuellers, to enter Taiwan's airspace. According to Chinese state television, multiple units performed mock attacks on vital targets in Taiwan and the surrounding sea.

China's recent act of aggression involved sending a spy balloon across the United States to conduct espionage on nuclear missile silos and military installations. The Biden administration's lack of immediate action in shooting down the balloon led to a further escalation of the situation, allowing the Chinese to obtain valuable intelligence that could jeopardize our national security. Republican lawmakers are furious about the incident and are calling for measures to hold China accountable.

It is time to take a firm stance against China’s relentless onslaught in America. Republican lawmakers need to stand up for their constituents and defend America’s national security against China’s aggressive attempts to infiltrate and control every aspect of our society. We need strong leaders who are willing to take a stand, hold China accountable, and protect America from this clear and present danger.

Written by Staff Reports

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