MSDNC Host Claims GOP Wants to Arm Mass Shooters

Lawrence O'Donnell, a host at MSNBC, has made a particularly insensitive pivot in his recent commentary. It's well-known that MSNBC has a strong bias towards defending the Democratic Party and criticizing Republicans. In light of the recent school shooting in Nashville, which was committed by a transgender individual and resulted in the tragic loss of six lives, including three children, some on the Left are struggling to navigate the reporting of this event.

O'Donnell has once again made outrageous allegations, asserting that the GOP is committed to providing the most advanced equipment to mass murderers in the US. This is not the first occasion on which O'Donnell has made such inflammatory remarks; he has previously made comparable statements. He even went so far as to declare that Republicans are indifferent to the death of children and that the entire party supports arming mass shooters. These assertions are unfounded, entirely untrue, and constitute abhorrent attacks.

Additionally, Republicans do mourn the loss of life. However, we do not agree with the progressive agenda of sacrificing constitutional rights to satisfy authoritarian desires. O'Donnell's assertion that the GOP wants to arm mass shooters is unequivocally false and highlights the desperation of a political movement that has failed to make any headway in terms of the Second Amendment.

The Left tries to dodge responsibility for the recent school shooting by ignoring the suspect’s background. However, if the shooter had been white, there would have been a media frenzy. The Democrats love to push for their own agenda and don’t care about the rising death toll from the fentanyl crisis, which is increasing due to the ongoing troubles at the border. Democrats won’t secure the border because they want hordes of illegals in America to change the composition of the electorate. They will accept dead Americans as collateral damage to accomplish that goal. The Democrats’ lust for a permanent political majority is worth the bodies.

In conclusion, Lawrence O’Donnell has cooked a fresh batch of fake news in his recent comments about the GOP. The Left don’t care about the rising death toll due to fentanyl caused by the ongoing problems at the border. Democrats want illegals in America to change the composition of the electorate because they desire a permanent political majority. Larry needs to take a step back and be mindful of his statements, as they lack any substance or factual evidence.

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