Chinese Virologist Claims COVID-19 Was “Deliberately Released”

A virologist in China claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic was intentionally released by the country's Communist Party.

During an interview with Tucker Carlson, Dr. Li Meng Yan discussed the findings of the US Energy Department, which concluded that the virus that caused the pandemic originated from a Chinese laboratory.

She had already warned about the source of the coronavirus in 2020. On Monday, she lauded the DOE's report as a "milestone achievement."

During an interview with Carlson, she insisted that it was not an accident.

In September 2020, she accused the Chinese government of intentionally releasing and manufacturing the disaster that affected the world.

According to Fox News, people who do not have extensive experience with biosafety laboratories may be more inclined to accept the incident as an accident.

However, she noted that the incident could not have happened in a research laboratory, as she was working with the coronavirus. She said that the multiple surveillance systems and print protocol of the facility would prevent the release of the virus.

She noted that the investigation has already reached its first step. The US must continue to pursue the truth about the origin of the virus.

She also noted that the virus was intentionally released to the public. She cited various sources who claimed that it was brought out of the laboratory and circulated in the community.

She blamed the military scientists and the Chinese government for the incident. She said that their underestimation of the transmissibility of the virus led to the disaster.

She also noted that the government of China was responsible for the outbreak, as it allowed it to go global and kill millions of people.

In April 2020, Yan suddenly left her job at the Hong Kong School Of Public Health after noticing a growing number of cases involving human-to-human transmission in mainland China.

She claimed that she was warned about her statements.

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