Clintons Expand Center, Boost Egos! America Yawns

Can you believe it? The Clintons are still popping up like bad pennies and causing trouble for our great nation. Despite the fact that they should be rejected like a moldy piece of bread, there are still some people in America who are foolish enough to celebrate them. It’s truly mind-boggling.

Now, get this: the Clinton Foundation, which is basically just a clever disguise for their shenanigans, is expanding the Clinton Presidential Center. They’re actually adding more space to that monstrosity! Who in their right mind would want to step foot in there? But I guess there are some misguided souls out there who think it’s a good idea. Maybe they need the extra room to store all the bodies they’ve been racking up, if you catch my drift.

The mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott Junior, can’t contain his excitement over this expansion. He’s practically doing cartwheels, praising the Clintons for pouring money into his area. Apparently, the Clinton library has had a “multibillion-dollar economic impact.” Well, pardon me if I’m not jumping for joy. I’m more concerned about the impact the Clintons have had on the moral fiber of our country.

And to make matters worse, they’re now planning to add more items related to Hillary Clinton in the presidential library. They’re even creating the Hillary Rodham Clinton Institute. Talk about shameless! Instead of kicking Bill to the curb when he was cheating on her, Hillary decided to stick around and cash in on the family name. Loyalty clearly means nothing to her when there’s power and money at stake.

But let’s be real here, folks. If Hillary couldn’t even handle her own family affairs, how on earth was she supposed to handle the affairs of an entire country? It’s no wonder she lost to President Trump in 2016. The American people saw right through her. Yet, the Clintons continue to live in their delusional bubble, pretending like she actually won. It’s laughable, really.

So, what are your thoughts on this never-ending saga of the Clintons? Are you as fed up with them as I am? Let me know in the comments below, and let’s hope we can finally put an end to this chapter in our nation’s history.

Written by Staff Reports

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