Biden Family Bank Bust: Ex-WH Insider’s Tweet Exposes Unbelievable Truth

In a shocking revelation, House Oversight Committee James Comer (R-KY) unveiled bank statements from the Biden family that exposed over $20 million in foreign transactions. These payments were distributed to multiple family members and cleverly hidden through shell companies and Hunter Biden’s business partners. The cherry on top? Hunter and Devon Archer raked in a cool $6.5 million from their notorious Burisma gig alone. It’s no wonder the Democrats are scrambling to spin the situation.

Former Deputy White House Communications Director Kate Berner tried to do damage control by deleting a POLITICO tweet that contained incorrect information about the payments detailed in the memo. But hey, the report is still up! Although they try to downplay it, buried in the article is the admission that there’s more to come. Comer boldly declared that Republicans will continue following the money trail and gathering witness testimonies to determine if the Bidens and even President Biden himself are compromised or corrupt. Our national security could be at stake!

It’s worth noting that Committee Republicans, according to the memo, have yet to issue subpoenas for Biden family member bank records. But POLITICO, always ready to defend the Democrats, relied on their word to accuse Comer of moving the goalposts. Funny how the narrative keeps changing from the White House. First, they insisted Biden hadn’t even discussed his son’s business dealings with him. Then, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to pivot by claiming that Biden wasn’t involved at all. When called out, she denied any change in the narrative. Even Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman admitted that Biden had spoken with his son’s associates but tried to pass it off as casual weather talk. Now, they expect us to believe that the $20 million had nothing to do with the vice president at the time.

Let’s not forget that Comer previously revealed that a total of nine Biden family members “may have benefited” from their shady deals. And we can’t overlook the 170 suspicious activity reports from the Biden bank accounts at six different banks. The evidence keeps piling up!

Despite Berner’s attempt to bury the truth, the tweet and its replies speak for themselves. Over 1,000 replies and nearly 200 quoted retweets show just how much interest there is in uncovering the Biden family’s questionable dealings. Kudos to those brave commentators who are cutting through the spin and demanding accountability! Keep the truth flowing, patriots.

Written by Staff Reports

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