CNN Fails to Cancel “Blazing Saddles,” Brands Conservatives as Clueless Racists!

In a recent article, CNN desperately tried to deflect attention away from the woke scolds who were offended by the classic comedy film “Blazing Saddles” on its 50th anniversary. The article, written by Noah Berlatsky, attempted to portray conservatives as the ones who don’t understand the film’s humor and as racists who are mocked in the movie. But his arguments are riddled with contradictions and weak gaslighting attempts.

Berlatsky starts by claiming that conservatives could never understand the film’s antiracist message, but fails to acknowledge that this message has been apparent since the film’s release. Even as a kid watching it on cable television, I could see how Mel Brooks brilliantly mocked prejudice and racism. It’s not a revelation, it’s a well-known fact.

Next, Berlatsky tries to argue that leftists wouldn’t object to a remake of the film, but conveniently ignores the fact that many conservatives have expressed concerns about a remake – not because they are offended, but because they fear it would be turned into a neutered, woke mess. Berlatsky’s attempt to force the issue only highlights his desperation.

Berlatsky then goes on to cite examples of how the film would be deemed unacceptable today, such as the portrayal of Mel Brooks in brownface. But he fails to address the problem of cultural appropriation that would arise if a Native American actor took on the role. His logic is inconsistent and poorly thought out.

Finally, Berlatsky reveals his true prejudice by portraying all MAGA conservatives as racist and too stupid to realize that “Blazing Saddles” is actually mocking them. He conveniently ignores the left’s own issues with racism and pretends that Democrats, including President Biden, are not guilty of racist statements and actions. His biased assumptions are nothing more than an attempt to smear conservatives.

In conclusion, Berlatsky’s article is a feeble attempt to deflect from the woke scolds who are offended by “Blazing Saddles.” He portrays conservatives as racists and fails to provide any substantial evidence to support his claims. It’s clear that his real agenda is to silence conservative voices and promote the left’s agenda of political correctness. But those of us on the right won’t be silenced. We will continue to celebrate “Blazing Saddles” and reject the woke culture that seeks to censor humor and limit free speech.

Written by Staff Reports

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