CNN Shaken: 66% Americans Fear Biden Re-Election Catastrophe

CNN finally broke their silence and reported on a poll that spells out “horrible news” for President Biden. A recent survey reveals that 66% of Americans consider his re-election to be a “setback” or a complete “disaster” for the nation. CNN anchor Jake Tapper could hardly hide his shock at these appalling figures and added, “Those are some bad numbers.” Who could disagree?

Furthermore, CNN contributor David Challian scrutinized the poll and reported that 41% of respondents said a Biden re-election would be a “disaster” for the country. This percentage was marginally better than what former President Donald Trump had received, whose return to the White House would be seen as a “disaster” by 44% of those surveyed.

A more in-depth analysis of the polls shows that 26% of the American people think a Biden win would be a “setback”, while only 12% felt the same way about Trump. Both Trump and Biden received equal support from those who viewed their victories as a “step forward,” but Trump had a ten-point edge among those who believed that either candidate’s victory would be a “triumph.” Sadly, for both Biden and Trump, most Americans believe that their election as president would be a “disaster” or a “setback.”

“[Trump’s] hardcore supporters are more into him than perhaps Biden’s hardcore supporters are into him,” concluded Challian, providing a possible justification for those unsatisfactory numbers. “Yeah, it’s worse for Biden, but for both of them, most people believe electing them would be a disaster,” Tapper added, offering some commentary on the poll’s results.

President Biden’s approval score is also remarkably low at 35%, while Trump’s is slightly higher at 37%. Biden’s approval rating dropped a considerable amount within the independent voters’ bloc, by nine percentage points since December 2020, placing his current supporting figure among independents at 26%.

Moreover, David Challian pointed out that President Biden is facing a growing primary challenge. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has found support from 20% of Democrat respondents, while Marianne Williamson has garnered 8% of the poll respondents’ support. Trump’s hardcore supporters are more into him than perhaps Biden’s hardcore supporters are into him.

When the poll was broken down by Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents, 67% of DNC loyalists stood behind Biden while only 40% of Democrat-leaning independents said the same. Challian viewed this situation as a “potential warning sign” for the President.

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