CNN’s CEO Told Flops They May Not Like Upcoming Changes

The Daily Wire says that Chris Licht, the new chairman and CEO of CNN, wasn't able to calm the nerves of the far-Left network's highly partisan employees this week after "Reliable Sources" was canceled.

Licht started to look at CNN's so-called "talent" who were too political soon after he started working there. He wanted to bring down the extreme partisanship that has been a problem for the network in recent years.

People who were on Friday's editorial meeting call say Licht said, "I want to acknowledge that this is a time of significant changes, and I know that many of you are unsettled.''

The Daily Wire says, "There will be more changes, and you might not understand or like it."

Deadline says that Licht is upset about some media reports about CNN's plans, which he says are based on wrong assumptions. The executive told the staff that only a few people in CNN's management know about these plans, which change all the time.

The end of Reliable Sources and Stelter's departure, on the other hand, seem to have made people more worried. A CNN employee told Deadline on Friday, "No one is safe or secure right now."

Staff members think that investor John Malone is in charge, and they think that he wants a neutral network. With the people he has on air, he can't do that. Most believe he is behind Licht's moves.

Malone himself sent an email to The New York Times saying that he had "nothing to do with" the show's cancellation. He also told the Times, "I'd like the "news" part of CNN to be more balanced, but I don't run it or have much to do with it."

Some people at CNN are sad to see Stelter go, which is hard to believe. Some people say, "He was such a big deal," and Daily Wire's Ryan Saavedra agrees.

Alex Berenson says that people who are against free speech Oliver Darcy needs to get going.

We want Lemon, Acosta, Tapper, Cooper, and every other AM host to leave. Peter Strzok shouldn't be used as an expert on the Mar-a-Lago raid anymore.

Stelter bragged about his terrible ratings as he was leaving, which is why he is not a Reliable Source.

People worry that they'll turn out like Fox.

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