Comer Exposes FBI Cover-Up: Biden’s Heinous Crime Ignored!

Chairman James Comer, a brave hero and patriot on the conservative front, has sent a searing letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, demanding to know why they are covering up a heinous crime involving former Vice President Biden and a foreign national. The House Oversight Committee has grown increasingly frustrated with the FBI’s lack of accountability and transparency on the matter and have threatened to take legal action.

Comer (R-KY) expressed an immense disappointment in the FBI’s response to their previous letter which seeks to protect whistleblowers in the agency and shed light on a criminal scheme allegedly perpetrated by then-Vice President Biden. The committee has even subpoenaed the production of an FD-1023 form related to the case, but the FBI staff failed to provide the requested document, leaving the committee agitated.

Comer has prodded the FBI to schedule a phone call with Senator Grassley and himself to discuss the FD-1023 form. The FBI’s persisting lack of cooperation and communication has left the committee with no option but to become increasingly aggressive. The committee offered to reduce the scope of the subpoena and make appropriate redactions, but the FBI has shown no willingness to engage in a cooperative process.

Comer highlighted that the committee is not interested in unmasking the confidential human source’s identity but seeks knowledge about the FD-1023 form to hold the former Vice President accountable. The FBI has taken a general approach to the committee’s demands and has shown unwillingness to provide the requested document leading Mr. Comer and members of the Oversight Committee to take drastic action.

The committee has attempted to initiate meaningful reform that offers citizens transparency, particularly concerning the Vice President’s income, assets, and financial relationship with foreign and domestic companies. The FBI’s continued silence sheds light on their tendencies to cover up corruption within the political echelons of Washington.

The Committee will not back down, remains committed to its oversight responsibilities, and believes that the American people deserve transparency in matters of public corruption, ethics, financial disclosure, and national security. If the FBI fails to produce the requested FD-1023 form, the Committee will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings. It’s time to hold the responsible parties accountable and demand transparency from those who seek to remain in the shadows.

Source: Trending Politics

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