Congress Sleeps in Offices, Claims Skyrocketing D.C. Crime!

Republican Congressman Eric Burlison from Missouri expressed concerns about the safety of Washington, D.C. in an interview with the “Todd Starnes Show.” Burlison stated that some lawmakers are sleeping in the U.S. Capitol because the city has become “very dangerous.” He claimed that owning a car in D.C. is “insane” due to the high risk of break-ins and carjackings. Burlison admitted that he and many other members of Congress choose to stay in the Capitol building to avoid potential dangers.

Todd Starnes was surprised by Burlison’s statement and questioned whether lawmakers are really resorting to sleeping in their offices for safety reasons. Burlison reaffirmed his position, stating that walking back and forth from an apartment in D.C. is not a safe option. The congressman’s concerns arose after news broke that Texas Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar was carjacked at gunpoint in the capital.

Cuellar, who was approached by three armed young individuals, chose to cooperate and gave up his car. Fortunately, law enforcement was able to quickly locate the vehicle and return all of Cuellar’s belongings. In a separate interview with Fox News, Cuellar expressed his disagreement with the idea of defunding the police and emphasized the importance of increasing penalties to deter crime.

This news article highlights a valid concern raised by Congressman Burlison regarding the safety of Washington, D.C. It is alarming to think that lawmakers feel the need to sleep in their offices due to the city’s dangerous environment. This is a clear indication that law and order in our nation’s capital is being compromised. It also reinforces the importance of adequately supporting and equipping law enforcement agencies to maintain a safe environment for both residents and lawmakers. As Rep. Cuellar stated, defunding the police is not a solution, and stricter penalties are necessary to discourage criminal behavior. The incident he experienced serves as a reminder that no one is immune to the rising crime rates, and it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of our communities.

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