Congress Votes To Disclose NEW UFO Intel

Per Politico, the House of Representatives voted unanimously to "create a secure government system for reporting UFOs and to compel current and former officials to reveal what they might know about the mysterious phenomena by promising to protect them from reprisal." 

They say that working across party lines in today's environment is difficult. However, an hisan amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act co-sponsored by congressional UFO—excuse me, UAP—enthusiast Mike Gallagher (R., Wis.), as well as Ruben Gallego, was approved unanimously.  The District of Columbia may continue to be riven by party enmity, but there are certain things that transcend politics.

In point of fact, Gallagher contends that there are ramifications for the nation's security: "My primary interest . . . is to ensure that our military and intelligence community are armed with the best possible information, capital, and scientific resources to defeat our enemies and maintain military and technology superiority.” It is hoped that making it simpler for people to report sightings of unexplained objects and freeing former national security employees from the restrictions of non-disclosure agreements will lead to an increase in the amount of information that can be gathered regarding this enduring mystery.

Finding an explanation for these occurrences is something that should be pursued, even if it turns out that the solution is something completely innocuous. If they are aircraft belonging to the adversary, then we need to devise a strategy for defeating them. We will need to determine their purpose, whether they are extraterrestrial beings or our own selves from the future. And if they are purely natural occurrences, well, that is a little less thrilling, but it is still worthwhile to be aware of that information. Both Gallagher and Gallego deserve praise for their serious consideration of this matter.

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