Debt Ceiling Panic: Dems Favor Elites, GOP’s 7 Reforms Save America’s Future!

As the debt ceiling talks go on, the White House is in a panic. Time is running out, but President Biden and the Democrats are taking their time to fight for liberal elites who are rich. But the Republicans are telling each other to "hold the line" and come up with a "unified" message. They want to be clear about what the bill is for. Representative Chip Roy of the House Freedom Caucus sent a memo to his Republican colleagues in the House saying how important it is to stay on the same page and communicate clearly.

Roy's note lists seven changes, and each one says what will happen if they aren't made. The first reform is to cut discretionary spending to what it was in 2022 and cap future spending growth at 1%. This will cut the debt and get the federal government to work more efficiently. This would cut discretionary spending by $131 billion in the first year, save $3.6 trillion over ten years, and limit the ability of the federal government to get in the way of Americans' ability to live freely and do well economically. If this reform doesn't happen, there will be "continued large funding without limits from the federal bureaucracy that goes against what Americans want."

The second change is to get rid of parts of the Inflation Reduction Act that led to tax credits for energy that isn't stable. This could cost up to $1.2 trillion, which is more than three times the original estimate of $391 billion. By 2050, the IRA could make wind and solar power nearly 60% of the US's source of energy. This would cut off reliable sources of power. If the IRA isn't overturned, the EIA says, it will "completely destroy our grid for the benefit of corporate friends."

The third change is to undo Biden's "cancellation" of student loans, which he did by executive order last August and which saved $400 billion from the debt. The memo says that President Biden doesn't have the power to do it, and that under the GI Bill, someone who didn't do anything for the country would get the same benefits as a soldier.

The IRS needs to stop using its 87,000 new agents as weapons. Protecting poor people would mean taking back the $80 billion that was spent to hire these agents. Five times as many audits happen to poor people.

The fifth change involves making people who get government aid work and giving back COVID funds that were not used. As a senator, Biden himself backed these work rules when President Bill Clinton changed the way welfare worked in 1996. The $5 trillion that was dumped into the economy in the name of COVID is one of the main causes of inflation, and it is time to get back the tens of billions of dollars of unobligated COVID funds.

Roy says that if they don't follow through on even the simplest and most popular spending cuts, they won't be able to show the American people that they are ready to fight for them. The United States has about a week left before the June 1 deadline. After that date, the country will fail on its debts. It's time for the government to stop spending so much money. By letting people know what the bill is for and making sure everyone is on the same page, Republicans can protect hard-working American families from a militarized government that is against their way of life.

Written by Staff Reports

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