Deep State Strikes Again: Patriot Clark Targeted in Lib Witch Hunt!

In a recent development, a legal panel in Washington, D.C., has made a ruling against Jeffrey Clark, a former senior official in the Trump administration's Justice Department, finding him in violation of at least one attorney ethics rule. Some observers view this as another instance of what they perceive as undue scrutiny on conservatives.

The issue at hand revolves around Clark's efforts to engage the Justice Department in investigating alleged irregularities in the 2020 election. Despite the passage of time, tensions surrounding the election persist, with critics accusing liberals of refusing to accept the outcome in favor of Trump.

According to the panel's findings, Clark sought to prompt the Justice Department to draft a letter to Georgia officials, raising concerns about potential election impacts. Supporters commend Clark for his efforts to uphold election integrity and seek out the truth.

Hamilton "Phil" Fox, head of the district's Office of Disciplinary Counsel, wasted no time in announcing his intent to pursue Clark's disbarment. The decision by the three-member committee of the District of Columbia Board on Professional Responsibility to find Clark in violation of attorney ethics rules has sparked controversy among those who believe it to be politically motivated.

Clark's defense attorney, Harry MacDougald, vehemently denied the allegations, arguing that there was a genuine internal dispute within the Justice Department regarding the 2020 election results. MacDougald warned that penalizing Clark could have far-reaching consequences for lawyers fulfilling their professional duties.

The panel is set to recommend specific sanctions against Clark at a later date, which may include license suspension or revocation. However, any such sanction must first be approved by the full board and a Washington, D.C., appeals court, raising concerns among Clark's supporters about the fairness of the process.

This decision follows a similar outcome in California, where former Trump campaign attorney John Eastman faced disbarment over his actions related to the 2020 election. Critics decry these disciplinary actions as part of a broader pattern of attacks against conservatives.

In the face of these challenges, conservative groups like the Center for Renewing America and the Association of Mature American Citizens have rallied behind Clark and Eastman, portraying them as defenders of freedom. They argue that these individuals deserve recognition for their efforts rather than condemnation from the liberal establishment.

As the legal proceedings continue, supporters of Clark and Eastman urge them to remain steadfast in their defense of their principles.

Written by Staff Reports

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