Dem Rep Raskin Exposes Biden Family’s Shady Cash Flow – Tries to Deflect!

In a shocking turn of events, Representative Jamie Raskin, a Democrat from Maryland, inadvertently admitted that money from Hunter Biden’s questionable business dealings found its way to other family members. However, he hastily denied any suggestion of corruption and insisted that there was no evidence of Joe Biden directly receiving payments. Classic deflection tactics, if you ask me.

Raskin went on to claim that Republicans were desperately trying to draw false equivalencies between former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. How typical of them. But let’s be honest here, it is the Bidens who are under scrutiny for their shady financial activities, not Trump.

Ironically, Raskin tried to paint a picture of two opposing philosophies in government. According to him, one party sees government as a tool for public good, while the other sees it as a means of self-enrichment. While Raskin attempted to pin the latter description on Republicans, it is clear that the Biden family fits that bill much more accurately.

The congressman initially tried to dismiss Hunter Biden’s actions by claiming that Joe and his family were open about his past drug abuse. But wait, there’s more! Raskin then slipped up and admitted that if Republicans were to find evidence of wrongdoing, he would be willing to ask questions. Well, isn’t that interesting?

Chris Cuomo, who interviewed Raskin, pointed out the questionable nature of Hunter sending money to family members. It’s about time someone brought it up. But instead of addressing these concerns, Raskin simply stated that many politicians and their families engage in similar business dealings. That’s not an excuse, Congressman!

Cuomo pressed further, highlighting the fact that multiple members of the Biden family received payments from foreign corporations. Raskin could only deflect and imply that Hunter Biden was trying to diversify his ill-gotten gains by directing money into different accounts under the names of children, including babies. Seriously, babies? Does he think we’re buying this?

What Raskin conveniently failed to mention is the correspondence that exposed Hunter Biden being told to refill his bank account, including a bill that was marked as Joe Biden’s AT&T bill. It’s clear that Hunter and Joe shared more than just a last name. But hey, who needs transparency and accountability in the highest office in the land?

Chairman James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, rightly pointed out the troubling pattern where the Bidens received millions from shady characters in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine while Joe Biden was Vice President. And guess what? After Hunter received all that money, Joe Biden conveniently dined with these same individuals in Washington, D.C. Coincidence? I think not.

It’s time for the media and the American people to stop turning a blind eye to these blatant double standards. While the Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media continue to shield the Biden family from scrutiny, it’s clear that there are serious questions that need to be answered. The American people deserve the truth, not a biased cover-up.

Written by Staff Reports

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