Democrat Neurologist on NBC Says Biden Shows Clear Signs of Parkinson’s

In a surprising turn of events, a Democrat neurologist made a damning assessment of President Joe Biden’s health on none other than NBC News. Dr. Tom Pitts, a specialist in treating Parkinson’s patients, didn’t hold back in pointing out what he sees as clear signs of Parkinson’s disease in the president.

Drawing from his experience working with Parkinson’s patients, Dr. Pitts highlighted symptoms he believes are indicative of the degenerative disease in Biden. He pointed to issues with word-finding, rigidity, loss of arm swing, and a monotone voice as classic features of Parkinsonism. He says these signs are so unmistakable that a medical student should easily identify them in a test scenario.

Dr. Pitts didn’t mince words when challenging Biden’s doctors to prove him wrong, demanding to see the MRI results that would rule out Parkinson’s. He also suggested that both Biden and former President Donald Trump undergo comprehensive neuropsychological testing to assess their cognitive abilities thoroughly.

Expressing his frustration with the White House’s handling of Biden’s health, Dr. Pitts criticized the Democratic Party for not grooming a viable successor during their four years in power. To him, the situation seems dire as the country faces the prospect of replacing a president suffering from a neurodegenerative disease at the eleventh hour.

The doctor’s bold statements on national television have sparked significant controversy and speculation about President Biden’s health, casting a shadow over his leadership and raising questions about the Democratic Party’s preparedness for such a scenario.

Written by Staff Reports

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