Joe’s Tumble: Biden Beaten Down by Former Media Fans and Dem Allies

Watching Joe Biden get pummeled daily by his Democratic comrades and former media cheerleaders could almost evoke a smidgen of sympathy—if it weren't so thoroughly entertaining. Imagine a man once proudly paraded as the nation's saviour, now becoming a favorite punching bag for the folks who once sang his praises. The poetic justice almost writes itself.

Former allies in the mainstream media, who once treated Biden like the second coming, are now leading the charge. In a startling twist of fate, these networks are finally waking up to the "Bidenflation" and countless policy disasters he's orchestrated. How delightful it is to watch journalists pivot from fawning over his aviators to scrutinizing him with the intensity usually reserved for a Trump rally.

Of course, his fellow Democrats aren't shy about joining the dogpile. Once protective of the "elder statesman," they're now seemingly jockeying for their own piece of the political pie. The progressive wing is losing their collective minds over Biden's lack of leftist zeal, while moderates can't believe they hitched their fortunes to a sinking ship. Internal squabbles are becoming more common than a Kamala Harris word salad.

Biden, the unwitting piñata of his own party, is left to navigate a political minefield with little more than platitudes and rehearsed lines. Even as he tries to project calm and competence, his party members and former media comrades delight in pummeling his presidency into oblivion. The circus-like drama offers a never-ending buffet of bewildering entertainment.

While everyday Americans focus on real issues like skyrocketing gas prices and open borders, Biden is busy trying to dodge the friendly fire. And let's be honest, watching him flail provides more twists and turns than a season finale of The Bachelor. Queue the popcorn because this show is just getting started.

Written by Staff Reports

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