Democrat Resistance to a Gas Price Gouging Provision Has Put the Bill’s Future in Jeopardy

The Washington Times report – On Wednesday, the Democrats’ flagship measure to tackle record prices at the pump squeaked out a victory by the skin of its teeth, keeping alive the leadership’s optimism that they will be able to enact legislation that will investigate whether big oil is manipulating gasoline pricing.

The entire membership of the House of Representatives voted in favor of a procedural motion about a bill that would require the Federal Trade Commission to investigate fossil fuel businesses.

The investigation would assess whether or not they, as the Democrats have asserted, are engaging in price gouging against American drivers and whether or not they need to be fined for doing so.

On Thursday, there will be a vote on whether or not to give the plan proposed by the Democrats its final approval.

But the idea, which is being sold by Democratic leaders as the greatest way to lessen the impact of skyrocketing fuel costs, is still on life support.

The anticipated vote on the legislation is scheduled to take place on Thursday, but there is a chance that it might be derailed by the skepticism and open hostility of a few moderate Democrats who belong from energy-producing areas.

Although the leadership appears to have been successful in convincing at least one holdout in their favor, the Democrats can only afford to lose a total of six supporters.

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