Dems Deflect on Biden Age Slurs, Invent “Extraordinary” Tales

In a recent CNN “Situation Room” broadcast, Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) launched into a predictable tirade against Robert Hur, the Special Counsel appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland to oversee the classified documents probe of President Joe Biden. Raskin, typical of Democratic lawmakers, accused Hur, a Maryland Republican, of making age-discriminatory and insulting remarks about President Biden in the report.

Raskin dismissed the findings of the report, claiming that despite Biden’s complete cooperation and the absence of any criminal charges, Hur included “gratuitous slaps at Joe Biden because of his age.” Raskin, ever the dramatist, went on to assert that the age-based comments were “ridiculous cheap shots” and likened them to the gender-based attacks on Hillary Clinton during her presidential run.

Host Wolf Blitzer, dutifully toeing the CNN line, then raised the question of President Biden’s fitness for another term in office. Raskin, unsurprisingly, brushed off the concerns, touting his recent hour-long meeting with the President and the Democratic caucus where Biden allegedly regaled everyone with tales of his administration’s “extraordinary accomplishments,” including the fictional “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Raskin’s attempt to downplay the importance of the report’s findings and deflect attention from Biden’s alleged memory lapses and fitness for office was nothing short of the usual partisan obfuscation. It’s no secret that CNN and its ilk will stop at nothing to shield the Biden administration from any form of criticism, no matter how legitimate. But the American people are not fooled by these desperate attempts to distract from Biden’s apparent cognitive decline, especially when his own party’s efforts to invent achievements like the “Inflation Reduction Act” are so transparently absurd. The Republicans, on the other hand, will continue to demand accountability and transparency, while the Raskins of the world play their tired old partisan games.

Written by Staff Reports

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