Dems Doubt Biden’s Fitness: Four High-Profile Dems Refuse to Endorse

Four high-profile Democrats, including Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, refused to endorse President Joe Biden’s re-election bid. Democratic Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Cori Bush of Missouri also declined to endorse Biden. Similarly, Democratic Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips has expressed skepticism for Biden’s second run, calling for a “new generation” of leadership.

Manchin refused to provide any comment to Axios regarding Biden’s campaign, while Ocasio-Cortez said that Biden has presented a compelling case, but she refused to endorse him. Bush said that her main focus is on the issues in her district, instead of endorsing Biden. Phillips believes American democracy is made strong by competition and favors a “new generation” of leadership.

Biden has faced age-related questions about his fitness for the job, with polls showing that a majority of Americans have concerns about the 80-year-old President. However, Biden responded to criticisms on Wednesday stating that people will judge whether or not he is fit for the job based on the upcoming election. He also stated that he had taken a hard look before deciding to run and feels confident and excited about the prospects of the country.

It’s become apparent that prominent Democrats are hesitant to endorse President Biden’s re-election because of his age and low approval ratings. This shows that even within the Democratic party, there are doubts about Biden’s suitability for another term as president. Republicans must ensure they capitalize on these concerns to win back the White House in 2028. It’s time for a fresh and vibrant leader to step up and lead America into a new era of prosperity.

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