Dems Plan to Promote Trump “Election Denier” to Succeed Pelosi

As the next leader of the House Democrats, the man who will succeed Nancy Pelosi as speaker has used the same language that some labeled as "election-deniers." However, he has not been treated the same way by the public or the media.

Over the course of his career, Hakeem Jeffries has repeatedly stated that the presidential election of 2016 was illegitimate. He also referred to Donald Trump as an illegitimate president.

In 2018, Jeffries referred to the 2016 presidential election as an "ILLEGITIMATE" as he continued to call out the alleged interference. He also stated that the country should be asking if Trump is a "FAKE" president.

In 2020, Jeffries referred to Trump as an illegitimate president once again. He said on Twitter that history will never accept him as the leader of the country.

Despite the statements made by Jeffries, the mainstream media never called him an election-denier, just like they did when Republicans said the the same things after 2020. At least, he will not be the next House speaker.

In March 2021, Jeffries claimed that Republicans suppressed the votes in previous elections, even though there was no evidence to support his claim. He referred to a political party as a morally bankrupt one.

Joe Concha, a media critic for The Hill, noted that the media's silence after Jeffries was elected as the new leader of the House Democrats has raised questions about his potential impact on the party's direction.

On Twitter, Joe Concha asked if the media would label Jeffries an election-denier in an attempt to align him with the sentiments of some Republican candidates during the 2022 elections.

Sean Spicer, who used to be the White House press secretary, asked CNN to interview Jeffries this weekend to talk about his claims about the election. He noted that the network should also look into the past statements made by Jeffries about the election.

Written by Staff Reports

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