WATCH: Kamala Receives Another Busload of Migrants from Texas Governor

Texas Governor Greg Abbott dropped off more migrants outside the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, where Vice President Kamala Harris is staying. More than 40 individuals arrived.

The buses carrying migrants arrived at Kamala’s home in Washington, DC. According to Abbott, all of the migrants had signed up for the trip.

According to a report by Fox 5, the governor of Texas dropped off several buses full of migrants outside the US Naval Observatory in September. In October, he sent another batch of buses. Before they reached Texas, the state said that the migrants came from various countries, such as Cuba, Nicaragua, and Colombia. Since April, the state has been busing over 8,400 migrants to the capital of the country.

While Abbott is currently transporting 10,000 migrants to Washington, DC, he has also sent thousands to other areas, such as Chicago and New York City. For instance, he sent over 4,000 individuals to New York City while sending around 1,200 to Chicago.

In response to the growing number of migrants, the governor of Texas said that he would expand the state’s busing operation to Philadelphia. He noted that the strategy had helped alleviate the situation in border communities.

The state of Texas will continue to do whatever it takes to protect the American people and prevent an invasion at the border until the Biden Administration fulfills its promise of securing the border. It will also expand its busing operation to places such as Philadelphia.

In addition to being an ideal drop-off location, Abbott noted that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney had been fighting for the city’s sanctuary status. This made it an ideal choice for Texas.

In response, the mayor of Philadelphia tried to maintain the “diversity is our strength” position that Democrats have been pushing for.

The mayor of Philadelphia said that the city would welcome the individuals with dignity and respect. He also thanked the community and government for their support. The mayor noted that the city’s diversity was its strength, and it was possible for the local communities and government to work together to address the needs of the newcomers.

Despite the mayor’s positive statements about the city’s diversity, one individual noted that the average Philadelphian would rather not see more illegal immigrants in the area.

Written by Staff Reports

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