Did Trump Supporters Just Threaten DeSantis in this Video?

In a video posted on social media, supporters of Donald Trump denounced Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. They were outside Trump Tower in New York City prior to the former president’s announcement regarding his presidential campaign.

Trump’s newly announced 2024 presidential campaign hasn’t been as popular as he would have hoped with large donors in the Republican Party as more and more consider DeSantis for their 2024 support.

A video of Trump supporters, which was shared on Twitter by @ScooterCasterNY, shows them wearing Trump’s clothes and carrying signs. They also chanted “USA!” while outside Trump Tower.

In the video, two men can be seen stomping on a flag that features an image of DeSantis. One of the men then says that they would take out the governor if he dared challenge Trump.

One of the men then says that DeSantis has gotten too big for his own britches. He then says that he should stay in Florida.

The flag featured an image of DeSantis and a link that led to a website that sold pro-Trump merchandise. It’s possible that the flag-stomping stunt was part of an attempt to promote online sales.

Several prominent Republicans urged Trump to put off his presidential ambitions and stated that they would not support him in 2024.

Following his victory in the Florida governor’s race, support for DeSantis has increased significantly. This was one of the few states where Republicans performed better than expected.

Despite the widespread speculation regarding his possible presidential run, DeSantis has not officially announced his intentions. Trump criticized the governor for not being more specific about his plans.

In a statement, Trump criticized DeSantis for not being more specific about his plans. He said that the governor was only focused on the race and not on the future. Trump added that he was not the right answer for the country’s class and loyalty.

A memo released by the Club for Growth on Monday revealed that Trump lost to DeSantis by double digits in the hypothetical Republican primary elections in states such as Florida, Georgia, Iowa, and New Hampshire. An independent survey conducted after the mid-term elections also showed that DeSantis was leading Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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