DISGUSTING Details of Epstein’s Island Released in Court Docs

If you thought you'd heard the worst of the worst about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, you might think again!

According to court documents released on Monday, the two individuals exhibited a level of human depravity that was beyond comprehension.

Epstein, a financier who had ties to prominent individuals, including celebrities and world leaders, was found dead in his cell. He was awaiting trial on various charges related to the sexual abuse and trafficking of young women.

The documents show that there were numerous instances of sexual abuse that were not previously known to the public. One of these is the allegation that Sarah Ransome, a South African expat, was forced into a threesome with Alan Dershowitz. However, according to the lawyer, the story is untrue.

According to Ransome, she was flown to Epstein's private island, Little St. James, which was referred to as a "Pedophile Island."

According to The Daily Beast, Epstein had sex with several women on the plane, and after they arrived, Ransome claims that the young women were forced to wear Victoria's Secret underwear. Other revelations were made in the filings.

In addition, Maxwell reportedly ran a group of young women and girls as a brothel. She would regularly give Epstein sexual massages.

According to the documents, many of the young women were loaned out to Epstein's friends, who then visited the island or in New York and picked the girl they wanted to be with. However, according to Ransome, Epstein did not violate the girls' rights. He merely gave his friends the opportunity to see who the girls were around him and pick their preferred partner.

Some of Epstein's prominent connections may have helped him violate the rights of young women and girls.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Ransome had reportedly made copies of pornography featuring Epstein's associates.

The list of prominent individuals in Epstein's infamous little black book had no doubt given these men incredible power and fame.

It all makes you really question whether Epstein indeed killed himself or was possibly murdered to keep him quiet.

It's also suspicious that the cameras outside his cell were not working properly, and the two guards did not check on him the night he died.

It's also possible that Epstein felt desperate after becoming famous for his "Pedophile Island," which he had reportedly owned.

Regardless of the cause of death, those who helped Epstein violate the rights of the girls and women will likely face punishment.

Written by Staff Reports

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