WATCH: Biden Assault Accuser Says He Used His Power to Silence Her

Tara Reade, a former Senate aide, accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. In an interview with Dan Bongino, she claimed that the former president used his power to silence her.

Reade's claim came during a discussion with Tucker Carlson, a Fox News host. The two talked about their program, "Tucker Carlson Today."

During the segment, Carlson said that he was now convinced that Reade's allegations were true. He also praised her for being able to prove her claims.

During the interview, Reade said that during the 1990s, Biden started acting strange toward her. He would often touch her shoulder and put his fingers under her hair.

When asked how she felt about Biden's behavior during the 1990s, she said that it was still strange. Despite the change times, she added that she had never seen an employer behave this way.

According to Carlson, Biden was perceived as a warm and charismatic individual during the public portion of his career. However, Reade noted that he was very unpredictable and would often behave in a way that made her feel uneasy.


Regarding her allegation against Biden, Reade stated that he had her against a wall and that he was able to penetrate her with his fingers.

She went on to say that this behavior was not just the assault, but it was also the culmination of a long-standing pattern of behavior that made her feel uneasy.

According to Reade, Biden's behavior made her feel uneasy. When he got angry, he pointed his finger at her face and said, "You're nothing, you're nothing to me." She added that she had a good look on her face as he then grabbed her shoulders and said, "You're fine."

The incident reportedly lasted for less than five minutes. Reade said that at that moment, she knew that her career was over.


Written by Staff Reports

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