DOJ Shields Hunter: Dems Block Biden Probe with Red Tape!

Liberals at the Department of Justice (DOJ) in 2022 did their best to keep their buddy Hunter Biden out of hot water by dragging their feet when it came to giving U.S. Attorney David Weiss the power to prosecute him for alleged tax offenses. Weiss, who was raring to go after the president’s son, was stonewalled by the DOJ, who told him to go through some “typical process” that took weeks. It’s no wonder the investigation into Hunter Biden’s shady tax dealings dragged on for so long – the Democrats were doing everything they could to shield their golden child.

Weiss spilled the beans about the DOJ’s reluctance to give him the authority he needed during a closed-door interview with the House Judiciary Committee. The committee grilled him on why he wasn’t allowed to pursue Hunter Biden outside of Delaware, where he was the U.S. attorney. Weiss insisted that the DOJ’s foot-dragging wasn’t a denial of his request, but we all know better. The Democrats were clearly putting the brakes on Weiss to protect their pal Hunter.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Weiss revealed that he asked the DOJ for “515 Special Attorney authority” to broaden his jurisdiction and charge Hunter Biden for tax crimes committed in California and Washington, D.C. Instead of giving Weiss the green light to go after the Biden family, the DOJ told him to jump through hoops and go through the “typical process.” That’s just code for “we’re going to make this as difficult as possible for you, Weiss.”

Attorney General Merrick Garland finally had to appoint Weiss as a special counsel in 2023 to cut through all the red tape. But even then, the Democrats were dragging their feet on giving Weiss the authority he needed. It’s clear that the Democrats were more concerned with protecting their own than ensuring justice was served.

The whole fiasco, from the DOJ’s stonewalling to Weiss not being able to push forward with the prosecution, reeks of Democrat interference. The IRS whistleblowers even backed up the claims that the DOJ was slow-walking the investigation to shield Hunter Biden and his family from facing the music.

And to top it all off, Weiss couldn’t even close the deal with Hunter Biden, as a plea deal he struck was later undone by a judge. The Democrats really went to great lengths to protect their own, and it looks like they’ll stop at nothing to shield Hunter Biden from facing the consequences of his actions.

It’s clear that the Democrats at the DOJ were more interested in covering for Hunter Biden than upholding the rule of law. The American people deserve better than this corrupt, backdoor dealing from the left. It’s time for accountability, and it’s time for justice to be served.

Written by Staff Reports

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