Elon Loses It In This Twitter Spaces Call

In response to a question about Twitter's stack of technology, Elon Musk called one critic a "moron," and a "jackass" in the platform's space.

Shortly after announcing that he would be stepping down from his role as CEO of Twitter, Musk joined George Hotz, a renowned security hacker, to discuss his ideas for a total rewrite of the platform.

Ian Brown, a former Twitter employee, started asking Musk questions about how he would achieve this goal, especially regarding the so-called crazy stack, which is the technology used to create the platform.

When Brown asked Musk what he meant by the term crazy stack, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO had a hard time explaining it.

After struggling to find an answer, Musk eventually said "Hello, who are you?" using the speedwrite app.

After getting the microphone, Brown said, "What do you mean?" prompting Hotz to ask the pair to keep their exchanges civil.

"Brown continued asking Musk questions about the stack's various features. He wanted to know what it was like compared to other large-scale systems on the planet. "What's so crazy about this stack?" he asked."

Eventually, Musk responded, "Amazing. Wow. You're a jacka**."

After Brown said he was not aware of what he was talking about, Hotz took the microphone away from him.

"Good! What a moron," Musk said after Brown was muted.

In November, Hotz was hired by Musk to help him fix Twitter. However, 12 weeks later, he resigned from his position. According to the Daily Mail, he did not think that he could make a significant impact on the platform.

Following the polls that showed that many people wanted him to resign from his position as the head of the platform, the Twitter CEO said that he would step down from his role.

"After the polls were concluded, Musk posted a message on Twitter, where he said that he would resign as the CEO of the platform once he found someone who was "naive enough" to take the job."

During his time as the CEO, Musk has carried out mass layoffs and unbanning numerous accounts. However, he has also banned many others. His controversial release of the Twitter Files, which was made with the help of journalists, has been criticized by the FBI and politicians.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

Written by Staff Reports

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