Elon Musk Responds To Twitter’s Russian Collusion Hoaxer

"What next" was a logical question following Musk's significant purchase of Twitter. Would Musk purge all left-wing officials and employees? Or would he behave more laxly and permit some of the worst offenders to keep their jobs? We are getting closer to the solution.

Vijaya Gadde has received criticism from Musk in the last 24 hours. She presently serves as Twitter's top attorney and oversees the content moderation division. She was in charge of censoring the Hunter Biden laptop report in addition to barring Donald Trump. She also reacted less maturely when discussing Musk's acquisition.

Musk reacted to the claim that Jim Baker, a former FBI agent who is currently employed by Twitter and who was responsible for the Russian collusion fabrication, set up the meeting that Michael Sussmann used to fabricate the Alfa Bank tale. Sussmann has been charged by special counsel John Durham.

These two emails were brought to your notice by a Washington Post "journalist," who appears to think it is terrible that Musk would reveal blatant employee malfeasance at Twitter.

Let me begin by highlighting the fact that Musk's call for bad actors was received with a selective response. These are the same journalists who supported Libs' doxxing on TikTok. They didn't say Taylor Lorenz had gone too far, and they didn't express worry about the online abuse Libs of TikTok had to endure. Musk only needed to say, "Yes, bad people are bad," for journalists to start worrying seriously about internet harassment. Crazy, huh? It almost seems as if journalists only pay attention to information that supports their political stances.

But how Musk responds to these reports will be important. This foreshadows major changes at Twitter. Some on the right, who are more dubious, believe he would enter and maintain the status quo. If this were the case, he wouldn't be criticising Gadde or Baker, who are currently in significant leadership roles inside the organisation.

Musk obviously didn't invest $44 billion to keep Twitter functioning as a soapbox for the left and censoring speech that doesn't fit the narrative. Even if Musk isn't in charge yet, you can count on him to set the building on fire as soon as he gets the keys. Jim Baker has to leave. Since Vijaya Gadde is the driving force behind Twitter's censorship, she needs to go.

The majority of the resistance and eyebrow-raising will come from the mainstream media. Musk's remarks, though, have given me hope that he can manage this. The left is cognizant of its disadvantage. They are starting to sense that their hold over elections and the right to free speech is eroding. Musk is the ideal candidate to keep this train on the tracks.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on American Liberty Daily.

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